Plan For It

Planning for sickness and a horrible diagnosis is not typically something most individuals do. Rather than think about a bleak future, they plan for a happy one full of hopes, dreams and memory making moments and that is the way it should be! However, there are those moments or individuals that should consider planning for a life that may not be as rosy as they would like. For those individuals that descend from a family with medical history such as diabetes, those are the individuals that need to plan for their future.

Higher risk individuals for diabetes are those that have a family history of diabetes. It is important that a healthy lifestyle be maintained from those in a higher risk bracket to help lessen their chances of developing a chronic condition such as diabetes. Diabetes is a miserable condition that has a lifelong effect on its victim. Once diabetes has been developed there is no going back without a strict diet regime and patients, who are not used to watching their diet intake, find this extremely challenging and often fail.

Proper Nutrition Or Else

Eating a well-balanced diet high in vitamins and low in sugar can help a diabetic maintain his or her targeted blood sugar levels. If high blood sugars are not tamed, a diabetic can suffer grave consequences and further decline of personal health, they place themselves in jeopardy of developing a condition known as diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is another chronic condition that is the result of high levels of blood sugar levels that have eaten away at the nerve endings and causing irreversible nerve damage. What does this mean?

When nerve damage occurs in a diabetic neuropathy patient, it starts in the foot area and makes its way upwards to the hands and other joints. Foot neuropathy is painful and causes severe numbness, tingling, burning and needle like pinching in the foot area. Foot neuropathy is not treated can lead to a life of immobility. How? The inability to sense or feel while walking leaves a foot neuropathy patient prone or susceptible to injury such as blistering. Blisters can become infected and amputation occurs. In order to avoid a life of dependency, it is important that those who are at a higher risk for diabetes start preventative measure today!

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