Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis and Treatment

Peripheral Neuropathy TreatmentPeripheral neuropathy is a disease that affects the nerve cells that reside on the outer perimeter of the main nerves. When peripheral nerves are affected nerve damage is had most commonly in the hands and feet. Peripheral neuropathy can be acquired several ways such as: trauma to the nervous system, alcoholism, toxins, diabetes or genetics. Research is producing several unexplainable reasons as to why some people develop or experience peripheral neuropathy and though there is no cure there are several treatment options available for those who live with neuropathy on a daily basis.

Before treatment can begin a proper diagnosis would need to be made to determine to what extent the nerve damage has caused and what underlying issue might be causing the painful symptoms. Scheduling an appointment with your physician is important in order to discuss the process of being diagnosed and the testing that would be needed and all that will be involved in determining a proper diagnosis. Possible test that the doctor would order to determine if peripheral neuropathy is indeed progressing might be:

• A comprehensive history of medical history
• Physical examination
• Neurological test to help determine current muscle weakness of strength
• Blood Test
• Nerve Biopsy

For a complete list of test and procedures that might be needed or prescribed speak with your doctor. Once a diagnosis has been made treatment option are then able to be brought to the table and discussed. Living with neuropathy might mean a change in the lifestyle that you are living and the need to work alongside a nutritionist might be recommended in order to insure healthy eating habits.

Eating right will have a direct affect on the body and how the body response to neuropathy treatment. Vitamin enriched foods can help decrease the painful outbreaks and symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy. Other treatment options might include therapy such as physical, massage or occupational. Acupuncture might be recommended as well as vitamin B supplements. The sooner the process of diagnosing the cause of your neuropathy the quicker treatments can begin.

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