Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuropathy Cream

Diabetes is a chronic illness that can cause a host of side effects. One of the more common side effects involves the nerve damage that is often suffered by people with diabetes. The formal name for this condition is diabetic neuropathy. It involves damage to the peripheral nerves that exclude the brain and spine. For this reason, this condition is also called peripheral neuropathy.

Patients Have Many Options

There are many things that people can do to reduce the severity of peripheral neuropathy as well as slow the progression of the condition. Seeing a doctor with lots of experience and knowledge about this common side effect of diabetes is the first step in obtaining a great treatment plan.

Whole Body Treatments

For the best results, it is best not to rely on just the prescription medication that is obtained from the doctor. There are many home remedies that are worth learning more about in order to provide the maximum comfort level. For example, a neuropathy cream containing capsaicin has provided relief for many people. These people find that their numb feet and pain, as well as their tingling feet, are lesser after using a neuropathy cream that has capsaicin as a main ingredient.

Treatment Options

In addition, there are a variety of other neuropathy treatments that can be used in conjunction with a doctor’s prescribed medication and a neuropathy cream. These neuropathy treatments provide many patients with soothing relief from the effects of nerve damage caused by diabetic neuropathy. They include biofeedback, massage, yoga, and acupuncture.

Massage and Neuropathy Cream

In fact, when using massage with a neuropathy cream, it is then possible to combine the relaxing touches of massage with the soothing and warming sensations of the neuropathy cream. This creates a healing session that can make a big difference in both the physical and mental outlook for a person that suffers the side effects of nerve damage.

Diet is Important

It is also recommended that special care be taken with the diet of a person with peripheral neuropathy. The diet should be low in fat with high amounts of vegetables and fruits. The person should stop smoking and avoid drinking alcohol as well if at all possible.

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