Peripheral Neuropathy and Alternative Treatments

Neuropathic Pain TreatmentWith medical technology being as advanced as it has become in the last twenty years there seems to be a medication or drug to treat almost any illness. Medication has most definitely been helpful to the quality of life but has also become a down fall to many people who struggle with chronic pain. Several disorders have not yet found a cure, peripheral neuropathy being one of them and with these disorders come living life dealing with constant pain. Chronic pain tends to make people grouchy or unsociable, but there are those few that have taken medication for their pain and have found themselves struggling to live without it.

Peripheral neuropathy is a painful disorder that affects the peripheral nerves and leaves behind a series of painful symptoms such as burning, tingling, numbness and overall feelings of hopelessness. Though some prescriptions pain medication might be prescribed by a doctor more alternative treatment options are suggested first. The goal of one living with neuropathy is how to handle their pain on a daily basis in order to maintain some form of independence and freedom to continue to remain active.

Treatment options for neuropathic pain would include natural remedies such as vitamin supplements and physical therapy. Some neuropathy is due to a lack of vitamin B filtering throughout the body so if one adds more vitamin B to their daily diet the painful symptoms associated with their neuropathy might disappear. Physical therapy can help keep muscles from stiffening as well as help a person regain lost motor skills due to neuropathy. Other natural techniques would be massage therapy and acupuncture which has been said by some suffers to provide more pain relief than medication.

Electrical therapies also know as Transcutaneous can stimulate electrical shocks to damaged area that is most painful. Aloe Vera juice and optical creams are two natural ways to provide the body with enough pain relief to make it through a day without turning to medication. The treatment options that are to work best for you can be discussed wit your doctor. There is hope for those suffering with chronic pain and it does not come in the form of a pill.

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