Pain In Movement

If you have ever had the discomfort of stepping on broken wood and felt the penetration of splintered wood imbed itself in your foot, then you know how painful it is to walk in such a predicament. Walking with a splinter or injury of any sort on the foot is difficult, however once the splinter is removed the pain decreases and the ability to walk becomes a normal function again. Now imagine if the pain and discomfort that the splinter brings was never removed, how painful and uncomfortable would that be and how many restrictions would that place on the normality and function of everyday life?

Those who have been diagnosed with neuropathy in feet are familiar with a constant and never ending foot pain. Neuropathy in feet is a chronic discomfort in the foot area that limits or restricts mobility and pain free walking. Neuropathy is a complex condition of the nerves where with damage has occurred along the peripheral nervous system that has caused a compression of the nerves or damage that has led to painful sensations and discomfort. Causes of neuropathy are still under investigation; however there are several neuropathy causes that are known such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Exposure To Toxins
  • Chemotherapy
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Vitamin Deficiency

Ridding The Nerve Pain

Ridding nerve pain can be challenging but not impossible. With no known neuropathy cure, the only way a neuropathy in feet patient can find some form of comfort and relief is thought neuropathy in feet treatment. Neuropathy often starts in the feet due to the blood flow limitations in the foot area; therefore, it is important that circulation in the foot area is maintained and that is done through movement and various foot exercises. Neuropathy in feet treatment options vary, but keeping the blood circulating is vital in order to lessen the chances of furthering the nerve cell damage and nerve pain that coincides with it.

Treatment options could include various therapeutic treatments such as massage therapy, physical therapy and even occupational therapy to help prevent the stiffing of limbs. Other neuropathy treatments would include: acupuncture, electrical nerve stimulation and vitamin supplements.

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