Once again, I was reminded how important my feet are. Three years ago, I broke my left foot in the worst possible place a person can break a bone. I was forced to stay of my foot for six months. During these long six months, I was unable to put the slightest bit of pressure on my foot which meant I was unable to walk or maneuver. Two days ago I was sitting at my desk working; I got up to use the bathroom only to realize that I was unable to put any pressure on my right foot without excruciating pain.

Fear shot through me as I remembered how debilitating a foot injury could be. I ended up in the ER after twenty four hours of not pain relief. Two hours and three x-rays later, I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my foot and would be forced to wear the same cast I had worn just two years earlier just on a different foot. The pain I am in can become pretty intense but it lacks in comparison to what a person suffering with neuropathy in feet must live with on a daily basis. For me, I have the peace and the insurance that in a few days I can take my cast off and walk about freely, but for those who have been diagnosed with neuropathy in feet they are not as lucky.

Neuropathy In Feet

Neuropathy in feet is a painful and mobility limiting condition. When neuropathy in the feet develops, it is the result of nerve damage along the peripheral nervous system. Nerve damage means that the brain, spinal cord and nerve cells endings are having a hard time communicating with one another, therefore the nerve cell endings are getting mixed signals as to what they should or should not be feeling.

Symptoms associated with this condition would be numb feet, tingling feet, burning and needle like pricking when walking. Neuropathy treatment is the best way to handle neuropathy in feet pains and symptoms. There is currently no cure for neuropathy that is why neuropathy in feet treatment must be sought and implemented before there is a complete loss of mobility.


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