Options For An Effective Foot Neuropathy Treatment

Foot neuropathy is a condition that affects millions of men and women and causes limitations to be placed on his or her movement because of the condition. Foot neuropathy is when damage to the nerve cells has occurred in the foot area making it painful as well as difficult to maneuver. Foot neuropathy causes painful sensations such as tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pricking when walking. These painful sensations are the brains way of trying to communicate with the nerve cell endings.

When damage to the peripheral nervous system occurs, it causes a slower level of communication between the brain and the nerve cell endings thus causing problems for the nerve cells and their ability to sense things correctly. Damage to the peripheral nervous system can happen for any number of different reasons but when it comes to foot neuropathy the cause is most often diabetic related. Foot neuropathy is a very common complication of diabetes and millions of diabetics begin to exemplify symptoms of foot neuropathy years after their original diabetes diagnosis, but it is a condition that once attained will be a lifelong battle.

Relief Found

Relief can be found through foot neuropathy treatment. With no cure for neuropathy known at this present time in history, the only thing a foot neuropathic patient can do is treat the pain that plagues their every step. Foot neuropathy if left untreated could potentially lead to a complete loss of mobility. No one wants to lose his or her mobility and freedom and be forced to rely on friends and family members to meet their basic of needs so foot neuropathy treatment is a must have.

There are several different treatment options that a foot neuropathy patient can look into implementing that will help ease the pain and discomfort that foot neuropathy brings and help prevent a loss of mobility. The following is a list of several options that have been proven to be effective at relieving neuropathy pain; it is always a smart decision to speak with a medical professional before attempting any of the following treatments.

  • Prescription Medications
  • Acupuncture
  • Therapy
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Herbal Supplements


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