One Day Could Be Today

Those that have to live with chronic neuropathy live everyday of their life with the knowledge that at this point in time there is no known cure for their condition. The knowledge that everyday of their life he or she will suffer from some form of nerve pain as a result of neuropathy can quickly become depressing. Neuropathy is one of those conditions that can cause mild to moderate interruptions in one’s daily life. Being diagnosed with a condition such as neuropathy is life altering and changes will need to be made in order for life to remain moving forward.

Neuropathy is a condition that brings about pains such as tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pricking in areas of the body such as the hands and feet. Neuropathy is painful as a result of damage having been done to the peripheral nervous system. Damage to the peripheral nervous system can be had for several different reasons some of which are avoidable and some that try as one may are unable to be avoided like damage due to chemotherapy. When damage to the peripheral nervous system occurs it means that there has been a breakdown in communication between the brain, spinal cord and the nerve cell endings.


Damage to the peripheral nervous system causes the brain to react slowly in its role of communication. The brain is responsible for telling the nerve cell endings what he or she is feeling and if the brain is unable to respond quick enough to alert the nerve cell endings than the nerve cell endings are left vulnerable and prone to injury. Other implications that come with having a chronic condition such as neuropathy is the inability to walk comfortably, so what can be done to help treat this pain?

Treatment Options

Neuropathy treatments are the answer to pain relief. There are several neuropathy treatments that can be implemented to help move a neuropathic patient move forward with life. When looking for a neuropathy treatment it is important to look for one that is safe as well as effective. The following is a list of neuropathy treatments that one can choose from that is not only safe but has also proven to be effective.

  • Acupuncture
  • Therapy
    • Physical  Therapy
    • Massage  Therapy
    • Occupational   Therapy
  • Electrical  Nerve Stimulation
  • Herbal  Supplements

Rather than sit around dreaming about one day finding a cure or relief why not take an active role and test out one of the treatments mentioned.

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