Neuropathy Treatment With A Yoga Twist

foot neuropathyNeuropathy has the distinct ability to cripple you from any activity, especially those activities that require movement and effort. It would be wise to schedule your day or even your week in advance so that you can mentally and physically prepare for the day’s activities without the bothersome issues of neuropathy getting in the way. Now there is no cure for neuropathy so the possibility of having neuropathy while scheduling your life is a reality yet you can be better prepared if things are scheduled, plus you won’t be subject to certain situations that could cause neuropathy to occur. Also within your daily or weekly schedule, you can have a regular time for a neuropathy treatment option like acupuncture or chiropractic adjustment put on the docket so that you can have the best fighting chance at minimizing the frequency and intensity of the neuropathy episodes along with its symptoms. Contact your doctor to glean some advice as well as to determine which neuropathy treatment option would be the right one for you.

No Cure But There Is A Treatment For That

Neuropathy can complicate life in several different ways such as causing pain while walking and the inability to grasp or feel items. Neuropathy sends off very painful symptoms that decrease the quality and functionality of life such as tingling in the hands and feet, burning in the hands and feet, numbness and needle like pinching when walking. The complications that stem from a condition such as these need maximum relief in order for the neuropathic patient to be able to function on a normal basis. Neuropathy treatment is not to be entered into lightly and on a “if I have time” basis. With no neuropathy cure on the market, the only effective way one can cope with nerve pain is through neuropathy treatment. Neuropathy treatment offers nerve pain reprieve and if maximized on the ultimate relief can be found. Neuropathy treatments include both pharmaceutical and or natural options therefore making it impossible for a neuropathic patient not to find a treatment that will be an effective one.

Yoga As A Neuropathy Treatment

Most people, especially men, tend to look at yoga as a technique for the tree huggers or really flexible women, but they are wrong. Yoga has been often seen for its rejuvenating properties and place as a low impact and occasionally strength building exercise. In this article, the yoga classes we are discussing are of the gentle, curative nature. Depending on the class, it can be described as gentle hatha or hatha yoga. Yoga has been both statistically and clinically significant in helping patients combat serious neuropathy symptoms. It has helped to improve their quality of life and impacted their daily activities for the better. Nerve pain was reduced by twenty-five percent, fatigue by thirty-one percent, and forty-four percent was depression’s results. Here are three ways to utilize yoga technique when not in a yoga class:

ü  Relaxation – While certain types of yoga can also help with strength and muscle building, this can come in handy later on. Initially, the most helpful aspect of yoga for neuropathy would be to know how to deeply relax the body and mind despite other distractions and sensations in the body, such as discomfort, fatigue, or pain. Once yoga becomes a habit, it will be easier to intentionally relax when needed outside of the class.

ü  Peace of Mind – Having neuropathy can be extremely stressful, and with the addition of daily worries, the mind can become cluttered, which can exacerbate symptoms. By clearing the mind with yoga, you can become mentally stronger when coping with neuropathy. Hatha yoga breathing exercises can further induce relaxation, increase energy, heighten mental clarity, and bring peace of mind as well as enforcing a sense of well-being.

ü  Body Awareness – Since yoga is a low impact exercise that uses minimal props, most of the exercising and stretching is done with the body alone. Body awareness in each yoga pose is also emphasized, so the person can understand how his or her own body works and how it reacts to certain poses. Through heightened body awareness, people with neuropathy can understand and manage their own body better than before. This can be extremely helpful when trying to control symptoms of neuropathy.


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