Neuropathy Treatment – Where Does One Begin?

A diagnosis of neuropathy can cause intimidation and fear, yet a new journey has begun and that is the search of a treatment for neuropathy. It is important to understand that while no cure exists for this condition, there are many options available to treat and help manage the disease of neuropathy. The cause of this disease is not always known in each individual, yet if the root issue can be identified than treatment can include attention to that origin instead of just symptoms. Therefore, one should work to identify the source problem. Here are some of the known causes to this nerve disease:

  • Diabetes – specifically when the blood sugar maintains a high level for long periods of time
  • Alcohol Poisoning
  • Chemotherapy
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Underactive Thyroid
  • Autoimmune Disease

Suggested Treatments

If for example, your cause is a vitamin deficiency, then a supplemental regimen would be an excellent choice as you begin seeking treatment for your condition.

In addition to treating the root cause (if known), a neuropathy treatment that could improve one’s overall quality of life is chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments to the spine open up the communication highway in the body that is disrupted when the spine is out of alignment. When the spinal column is adjusted, the body can function more easily and this leads to an improvement in overall health, including disease symptoms such as that of neuropathy.

Because symptoms of neuropathy can be quite painful, a final neuropathy treatment option that can be considered is Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation or TENS. This drug free neuropathy treatment approach is a method of therapy used to send electrical impulses through electrodes that are placed on the skin that travel along the nerve fibers to inhibit pain signals from arriving at the brain. Additionally, the electrical impulses may also release natural endorphins and encephalin which will help naturally suppress the pain. The procedure is non invasive and pain free in nature. The TENS therapy does not provide relief for all patients or all pain types; however it may very well provide ease from acute forms of nerve pain. 

Neuropathy can be painful and discouraging, but there are many drug free treatment options available that will not only lessen your symptoms, but improve your overall quality of life.


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