Neuropathy Treatment Options That Are Safe As Well As Effective

Where to start? Neuropathy is a condition that affects more than twenty eight million men and women each year. Neuropathy is a miserable condition of which there is no known cure. Neuropathy can develop for any number of reasons but the main known causes of neuropathy would include the following:

  • Physical Trauma
  • Chemotherapy
  • HIV
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Diabetes

Neuropathy is when damage to the peripheral nervous system has occurred and a breakdown in communication has developed between the brain, spinal cord and nerve cells endings. When nerve cell damage such as this occurs, the body begins to undergo a series of miserable symptoms such as tingling, burning and numbness that if not treated could result in a complete loss of mobility.

To prevent a complete loss of mobility it is imperative that a neuropathy treatment be sought out and implemented in a quick and savvy fashion. Migraine treatment can range from prescription medications to natural treatment options such as acupuncture, electrical nerve stimulation, therapy and herbal supplements. When choosing a neuropathy treatment, it is important to keep in mind that whichever treatment is chosen will have to be able to be used long term safely and effectively.

Prescription medications are often prescribed to help relieve nerve pains however the side effects associated with them is dangerous and can be permanent that is why choosing a safe alternative such as the ones listed below would be a wise choice.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that uses the technique of placing needles into the skin where the pain is being felt and manipulate the needles in a strategic fashion so that pain relief can be had.

Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Electrical nerve stimulation is the placing of pads onto the damaged skin then gentle shock waves are sent to penetrate the surface.


Several different types of therapy exist to help with nerve pain. Massage therapy is an excellent neuropathy treatment that is both relaxing as well as healing, occupational therapy helps the patient learn to cope with his or her new diagnosis whereas physical therapy helps keeps the limbs loose and mobile.

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