Neuropathy Treatment Options For Numb Feet

 Anyone who suffers from neuropathy knows how painful and crippling neuropathy symptoms can be. Neuropathy is a disease that affects the nervous system and can cause a person to have a loss of sensations while creating a whole new set of painful sensations such as tingling, burning and numbness in the hands and feet. A person suffering with neuropathy might not be able to sense when something is hot or cold or causing their body pain.

Number One Treatment

Proper foot care and hygiene is crucial for one who suffers with numb feet. Numbness in the foot area can cause a person to not be aware of blistering and abrasions’ that can become infected if not cared for and treated. The number one Treatment for numb feet is proper foot care. There are several ways to provide good foot care to self:

  • Daily foot checks
  • Properly fitting shoes
  • Loose fitting socks
  • Refrain from hosiery
  • Wear cushioned socks
  • Keep feet dry


While daily maintaining foot hygiene is important other treatment options might be needed to ease the pain that is felt. Numb feet can irritate a person and create frustration levels that result in a decline of their active lifestyle. Staying active is another form of treatment that most doctors will recommend. Light to moderate exercise will most likely be recommended in order to help blood circulation ease painful symptoms and help the muscles stay loose and strong.

What’s causing the symptoms?

Discovering the underlying issue that is creating painful neuropathy symptoms will help you and your doctor find the best and most effective neuropathy treatment. If diabetes are the underlying cause, treatment such as maintaining blood sugar levels and eating healthy balanced meals will influence the symptoms. If the body has a vitamin B deficiency supplements could be taken to reduce if not eliminates the numb feet.  Undergoing test and procedures to determine the underlying cause or illness will help funnel down treatment options.

There are several treatment options that are available to neuropathy patients suffering with numb feet and other symptoms. Treatment options such as acupuncture, therapy and topical creams can help ease symptoms that numb feet create.

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