Neuropathy Symptoms Can Be Difficult To Understand

The most common cause of peripheral neuropathy is conditions such as diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy is typically caused by damage to a nerve group that carries information to and from the brain. It also can mean that these nerves just don’t work properly. These nerves are responsible for carrying signals to and from the spinal cord to the rest of the body. Peripheral neuropathy can be damage to a single nerve or to an entire nerve group. It can also affect nerves in the entire body. Nerve damage is a very common condition. There are many types of neuropathy, but researchers still have yet to find a cause.

When doctors believe that diabetes is the cause of neuropathy, they typically have a patient who struggles to keep their glucose levels in the normal range. There are other medical problems that can be the cause of neuropathy. These medical problems include autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, chronic kidney disease, infections like HIV, low levels of vitamin B12, poor blood flow to the legs and an underactive thyroid gland. Drugs and toxins can also cause damage to the nerves. Toxins include heavy alcohol use, glue, lead, mercury and solvents. Medications that treat infections, cancer, seizures and high blood pressure can also cause nerve damage.
Symptoms Of Neuropathy

Symptoms of neuropathy can differ from patient to patient. Symptoms can greatly vary depending of the nerve that is damaged or if there are multiple nerves that are damaged.

Neuropathy sufferers usually have pain and numbness, muscle problems, and problems with body organs.
The pain and numbness of neuropathy is very similar to when a hand or foot falls asleep. Tingling and burning in the arms and legs are considered early signs of nerve damage. These feelings typically begin in a patient’s toes and feet. Occasionally, patients suffer from deep pain in their legs and feet as well.

Neuropathy sufferers can also lose feeling in their legs and arms. Because of this symptom, a neuropathy patient may not realize if they have stepped on something sharp or touch something hot.

The muscle problems of neuropathy are caused by the damage to the nerves making it more difficult to control their muscles. This symptom can cause problems moving a part of the body, falling due to legs buckling, or tripping over what appears to be nothing.

Problems with body organs are lesser known symptoms of neuropathy. These symptoms vary depending on what organ is affected.

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