Neuropathy In The Feet May Be Able To Be Prevented

Neuropathy in the feet is a difficult condition to diagnose and treat. Since there are nerve endings that are a part of the peripheral nervous system that lead from the brain and spinal cord that then take messages to and from the feet, when the nerves become damaged due to degeneration, these vital messages can be interrupted on their way to and back from the feet.

Damage to the peripheral nerves that lead to the feet can cause those who suffer from neuropathy in the feet to experience burning and tingling feelings in their feet. At times, these sensations can become very painful and unbearable. Diseases like diabetes can make certain people more prone to problems from peripheral neuropathy. Other circumstances like toxins can cause peripheral neuropathy.

Preventing Neuropathy In The Feet

Research indicates that the best way to prevent neuropathy in the feet is to be aware of the potential causes like diabetes, toxins and certain medications. It is in a patient’s best interest to avoid these situations. If a patient already has diabetes or has been exposed to some dangerous toxins, they can still decrease the amount of damage by keeping a close eye on their feet. If any troublesome symptoms such as burning, tingling or numbness, they should quickly see a doctor.

However, sometimes neuropathy in the feet happens even after watching for these symptoms. It is important that once a patient has been diagnosed with neuropathy in the feet, that they quit smoking and eliminate any other potential sources that will drain the body of its oxygen supply. It is also important that patient’s keep their regularly scheduled appointments with their doctor. The doctor usually suggests regularly monitoring blood glucose levels and oxygen levels through simple blood tests.

Doctors can prescribe several types of medications to help with neuropathy in the feet. Some doctors will start by prescribing pain medications. Other doctors may prescribe anti-depressant medications or anti-seizure medications. Researchers still do not know why these two medication classes help treat the symptoms of neuropathy. These types of medications are also slow to begin working, but have been proven to help many neuropathy patients.

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