Neuropathy In My Feet?

You may wonder what neuropathy is and most importantly what is neuropathy that occurs in your feet?!!

Neuropathy itself is known as the dysfunction or disease of one or more of the peripheral nerves. When you have neuropathy of the feet it means that the disease has affected the sensory nerves in your feet.

How Do I Get Neuropathy In My Feet?

The two most common ways that a person can develop feet Neuropathy are:

?Alcohol Abuse


There are other ways that a person can develop Neuropathy in their feet, however, alcohol abuse and diabetes are two of the most common. Research actually shows that 30% of patients who are diagnosed with neuropathies proved diabetes to be the cause and 50% of people that have diabetes are shown to develop some type of neuropathy.

What Are Some Signs Or Symptoms Of Foot Neuropathy?

As with any disease or illness, at the onset of it the symptoms and signs can be varied from person to person. Feet Neuropathy is a disease that affects nerve cells and is very painful. Some symptoms to be aware of are:

?Muscle Weakness




A patient with Neuropathy in the feet could have one or all of the above symptoms. Several factors determine how many of these symptoms could be accurate for that person.  Some factors that determine these symptoms are:

?Where the affected nerves are located

?What type of nerves are affected


Is There Any Way To Treat Neuropathy In The Feet?

In some cases, neuropathy in the feet can be treated with medication. Some types of medication that have been used are:

?Anti-Depressant Drugs

?Drugs used to treat Seizures

Although the true effectiveness of these medications is unknown, patients have found that they do in fact help their symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of these painful symptoms than you know that the simple things in life are very difficult to achieve due to the level of pain you can experience. In fact in cases of feet neuropathy that are severe where the patient goes untreated, that patient could even lose a limb.

It would be best to seek the medical advice of a physician who specializes in this area so that you can determine what type of treatment would be best for you.

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