Neuropathy In Feet And Exercises For Relief

There are several medical conditions that can lead to the condition of neuropathy in feet including diabetes. Neuropathy in feet is nerve damage that often results in numbness or tingling and pain. It is proven that an injury or deficiencies in vitamins that your body needs can often be the cause of foot neuropathy, however, studies show that exercise can help in reducing the pain associated with this condition. Some recommendations for exercise for treatment of foot neuropathy are:

?Range of motion

?Stretching exercises

?Exercises that are low impact

?Toe tapping exercises

Exercises that are for range of motion tend to help with the stimulation of nerve circulation and conduction to the areas on the patient that are affected. These types of exercises are performed at the joints. A person with foot neuropathy could practice this exercise by rotating their ankle joint.

What Are Low Impact Exercises?

Low impact exercises are exercises such as swimming, walking, and stationary bicycling that can help reduce the pain and complications that are associated with neuropathy in feet. Studies have shown that doing these exercises can increase muscle strength and coordination. When performing these types of exercises, it is important to start off slow, pacing yourself and then gradually increase distance and duration.

How Are Toe Tapping Exercises Helpful?

Toe tapping exercises are found to be helpful when treating foot neuropathy. There are several variations that this type of exercise can be performed by, but one way is for the patient to sit in a chair with their heels on the floor. While keeping their heels on the floor, they simply raise their toes up as high as they can. This helps in stretching out the feet and back which can lead to pain relief.

Exercising Properly With Feet Neuropathy

A person who has a neuropathy in feet condition can cause damage to their ankle joint without even knowing it or could sprain their ankle or cause other injury by falling due to the lack of position sense they have as a reflection of their condition. In fact, balance and walking in general could be impaired when neuropathy is found to reside in a patient’s ankle, foot or leg.

While there is no cure for neuropathy in feet, studies have shown that there are great benefits to exercising when a person is managing their condition simply because exercising can help strengthen any weak muscles and improve balance.

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