Neuropathy Cure

Many people suffering from the daily agonizing pain they face will search for a neuropathy cure. While there is not an actual quote unquote cure for neuropathy the good news is there are a wide variety of remedies to help ease or even fully eliminate the painful symptoms caused by nerve damage. This is extraordinary news for a person who is suffering from numbness, tingling, burning, and other problems associated with neuropathy.

Lifestyle Remedies

  • Diet. Healthy eating is important for a person looking for neuropathy cure. An emphasis must be placed on making sure that the patient acquires essential vitamins and minerals in their daily nutritional intake.
  • Daily Foot Care. Foot care is very important, especially when it comes to dealing with foot neuropathy in regards to patients with diabetes. Daily evaluation should include checking for wounds, cuts, blisters, or sores. Keeping the feet clean and dry as well as the avoidance of tight shoes or socks can help relieve symptoms.
  • Cessation of Smoking. This can be very beneficial, especially for those suffering with neuropathy of the feet, because smoking causes poor blood flow which in turn makes it harder to the body to heal wounds or cuts properly.
  • Keeping Fit. Exercise helps with peripheral circulation, oxygen flow, and can aid in keeping blood sugar (glucose) levels under control.

Prescription Drugs

The varied amount of prescription drugs used to help with finding a neuropathy cure is numerous. In order for a patient to properly find help with the painful symptoms they may be facing, it is very important that they be in constant contact with a physician who is trained and capable of finding the best possible medication. Some of the most widely used medications include Antiseizure Medications, Antidepressant Medications, or the use of Topical Ointments.


  • Massage Therapy. This helps particularly in bringing oxygen to the tissues and improving peripheral circulation.
  • Acupuncture. This therapy has been shown to reduce the symptoms in patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy.  While it may take multiple sittings before a person feels relief, any type of relief from the pain is generally welcomed by those seeking a neuropathy cure.
  • Biofeedback. Is the use of an electrical machine that helps patients learn ways to better control or reduce the physical reactions that can increase feelings of both stress and pain



  • Alpha Lipoic Acid.  As with acupuncture it may take a few weeks for patients to see improvement in their symptoms, however, the use of Alpha Lipoic Acid has been shown to greatly reduce the feelings of burning, itching, numbness, and tingling in the case of diabetics suffering from neuropathy.
  • Benfotiamine. This is a supplement that has been used in Germany for years. Trials have proven that the use of Benfotiamine has benefits in regards especially to diabetic neuropathy.

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