Neuropathy Cure Found?

After being diagnosed with an illness or some type of a condition one of the first things a patient does is begin to ask his or her doctor questions. Asking questions is important to the patient, it help the patient cope with, and grasp his or her diagnosis. It can help the patient discover ways to treat their problem. One of the first questions that a patient typically would ask shortly after being diagnosed with a condition would be, “Is there a cure?” The few seconds that it takes for a doctor to answer the patients question might seem like an eternity. The hardest thing for a doctor would have to be informing his or her patient that there is no cure at this physical time for their patient’s illness or condition.


With all the advancements with modern medicine you would think that a cure for every illness has been discovered, or is in the final stages of being approved for administering, unfortunately, this is not the case for every illness or condition. Neuropathy just happens to be one of those conditions that at this time in history there is no cure. Neuropathy is a painful condition that affects millions of people each year.

Neuropathy affects a person’s nerve cells creating odd and uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms associated with neuropathy may differ from patient to patient as well as the degree of pain felt. Each neuropathy patient is different, and the underlying cause of the neuropathy symptoms might differ in each patient; but as an overall census the following are said to be the most commonly felt symptoms amongst neuropathy patients:

  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Needle Like Pinching
  • Muscle Weakness


With so many people suffering with this painful condition it’s not uncommon to hear reports of various forms of treatment and methods that have said to “cure” a person’s neuropathy. Though pain relief can be found through various forms of therapy and treatment options no “cure” for neuropathy has been discovered.


Several neuropathy methods that have been recommended or suggested would include:

  • Hypnosis
  • Medication
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Vitamin Supplements

The neuropathy methods mentioned above have all proven to help with improving the overall comfort level of those suffering with neuropathy. It is important to speak with your doctor if you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with neuropathy. Pain relief is possible!

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