Neuropathy – Caring For Your Feet

Neuropathy of the feet is often a result of diabetes. The nerves swell as a result of high sugar levels and the nerves become pinched in small areas. As this happens the person will begin to experiences tingling, burning, and pain. Left untreated the condition can become worse and eventually lead to nerve damage and loss of feeling. This loss of feeling often affects the feet for diabetics.

Examine Daily

If a person is suffering from neuropathy of the feet they must pay close attention to their feet on a daily basis. If the feet are numb, they cannot feel if they have cut or scratched themselves. If sores are left untreated this allows for infection to set in. Diabetics have a harder time healing from flesh wounds and would be best off to avoid them. Morning, noon and night they should look over the skin of the feet to make sure there is no sign of any sores, calluses, corns, or any signs of infection .

Keep Your Shoes On

One with foot neuropathy should never go barefoot, even at home. Make sure to have closed toed shoes and slippers so the feet can be covered at all times. Those with neuropathy in their feet can get cold sores on their feet so staying warm is very important. At bedtime it would be helpful to keep socks on to help prevent the feet from becoming too cold. Make sure to use plenty of moisturizer to avoid dryness and cracking of the skin. It may be helpful to use herbal creams as a moisturizer. Creams that contain herbs like peppermint, cayenne pepper, and arnica would be excellent choices as they promote circulation and can stimulate the nerves. Avoid putting cream in between the toes as this will trap moisture and become a breeding ground for foot fungus.


Pedicures are a necessity for someone who has foot neuropathy. Regular pedicures will help insure that the feet are being well kept and cleaned. Be sure to find a nail tech that you trust and who is holding to proper sterilization standards so not to run the risk of infection. Professional pedicures are not just a luxury treatment, so go ahead and treat your feet.

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