Neuropathic Pain

Pain is never an enjoyable thing to endure or experience, much less live with on a daily basis. Yesterday, I had the privilege of enjoying a girl’s day out at Disney with my two sisters, mother and my three year old daughter. The day turned out to be a rather rainy one but a little rain never stopped anyone from not enjoying the Magic Kingdom. After ten fun filled hours at two Disney theme parks, my family and I began to tire and decided it was time to head home.

On my way home, I could not help but analyze the events of the day and send up thanks for my good health. It is no secret that much walking will be had when attending a theme park; however, if you are in poor health and in need of physical assistance due to the difficulty walking could have, theme parks become a little less enjoyable. My mother was wheelchair bound which complicated the ease of moving through a crowded park. Watching her limp from her chair onto the ride was heartbreaking. The conversation I had with her briefly on a ride through the Epcot space ball regarding her chronic joint pain made me ever so thankful for a healthy body.

Neuropathic pain robs individuals of the ability to enjoy such luxuries as theme parks, walking, hiking and dancing. Being bound to a chair is a constant reminder that life as you once knew it is no more. My mother was forced to sit on the sidelines several times throughout the day and depend on my sister and me to get around. For most people, the relinquishing of pride and independence can be a difficult thing to surrender too. Neuropathic pain treatment is the hope for those who suffer with chronic nerve pain.

 Daily supplements such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine and vitamin B can be a great form of neuropathic pain treatment that is easily accepted and implemented into one’s daily life and activity. Neuropathic pain treatment can be managed through a medical professional who is willing to help steer their neuropathic patients toward a nerve pain treatment that will be an effective one.

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