Nerve Support Formula: Fighting Back Against Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a painful condition that effects millions of people worldwide. Its cousin, diabetic neuropathy is just as prevalent in the world, but is caused by nerve damage brought on my diabetes and a poor diet.

The symptoms of neuropathy include: tingling feet, numb feet, painful feet, and even shooting pains that run from the feet and up the legs. Neuropathy treatments are numerous, but not all of them work in every case. The effectiveness of the treatments depends on the severity of the neuropathy and the person. For instance, neuropathy creams that contain capsaicin are great at providing topical pain relief, but don’t work for the deep down pains in the legs. Also, the human body often becomes accustom to the capsaicin in the neuropathy cream and form resistances to it.

Many people have found a new kind of neuropathy pain relief through nerve support formula. Nerve support formula is an over the counter medication that contains effective doses of modified B vitamins. B vitamins are responsible for nerve support in the human body, and its bare forms: Benfotiamine, and Methylcobalamine (Methyl 12), are effective at supporting the nerves by helping to repair and maintain the myelin sheaths around that nerves that protect the nerves.

In clinical trials, nerve support formula has been effective and regenerating nerves, which fights the neuropathy that causes the pain and numb, tingling feet. Nerve support formula is a natural medication, and is 100% safe for use. Because it is made using a naturally absorbed vitamin, it doesn’t have any drug counter indications, meaning it’s safe to take with any other medication.
People who are suffering from peripheral or diabetic neuropathy are finding hope in nerve support formula. They can continue to use the neuropathy creams for the occurrences of pain, but they can take the formula and eventually repair the nerve damage from the inside out- eventually, the neuropathy cream won’t be needed.

This formula is allowing people who’ve dealt with the pain for years to take up dancing, hiking, and other physical activities that have been difficult due to their neuropathy.

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