Nerve Support Formula: Better Than Pain Meds?

For those suffering from peripheral neuropathy, or diabetic neuropathy the nerve damage associated with the disorder can cause tingling feet, numb feet, and pains that they just can’t seem to get rid of. No matter what they do, there just always seems to be a nagging pain in their feet and legs that makes daily activities difficult or impossible.

Current neuropathy treatments range from prescription pain medications (neuropathy creams containing capsaicin) to acupuncture. Though some of the neuropathy treatments work some of the time, there is no cure for neuropathy. Despite the lack of cure, there is a way to help repair the nerve damage and gain pain relief from the inside- nerve support formula.

It doesn’t matter if your neuropathy is caused by peripheral nerve damage or diabetes, nerve support formula may bring relief. Nerve support formula is a combination of special B vitamins that are already present in the human body, but not in the right doses. This special formula consists of Benfotiamine, and Methylcobalamine (Methyl 12), two B vitamins that help protect and restore the nerves. Taking this formula daily will help the nerves to regenerate, which will eventually lead to lessened neuropathy symptoms.

Is nerve support formula better than pain medications for treating neuropathy?
Neuropathy pain treatments only treat the symptoms of neuropathy. They help with pain relief and lower incidences of numb and tingling feet, but they do not restore the nerves that have been damaged by the neuropathy.

The support formula goes beyond the surface and actually treats the neuropathy from the inside out. It helps repair and strengthen the myelin sheaths around the nerves so that the nerve can fire and function as it is supposed to. The nerves are to the body like the electrical system is to a car, if the wiring isn’t right or the plastic sheaths around the wires are worn, a short in the system can occur and make the vehicle sputter, lose fuel economy, or any other type of malfunction.

Nerve support formula doesn’t work immediately, but when taken over time, neuropathy sufferers will feel the change in their feet, and eventually they’ll be able to function normally again.

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