Nerve Pain Treatment – What Are the Options?

Nerve pain can come in many forms and brings misery everywhere it goes. Nerve pain has been manifested in burning sensations, tingling, numbness, and a ‘walking on 1000 needles’ feeling, among many others. This leads one to ask, when it comes to nerve pain treatment, what are the options? A few are listed below:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments

In addition to treating the root cause (if known), a nerve pain treatment option that can improve overall quality of life is chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments to the spine open up the communication highway in the body that is disrupted when the spine is out of alignment. When the spinal column is adjusted, the body can function more easily and this leads to an improvement in overall health, and decreasing even nerve pain.  

  • Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation or TENS
    TENS is another drug free method of therapy used to send electrical impulses through electrodes that are placed on the skin that travel along the nerve fibers to inhibit pain signals from arriving at the brain. Additionally, the electrical impulses may also release natural endorphins and encephalin which will help naturally suppress the pain. The procedure is non invasive and pain free in nature. The TENS therapy does not provide relief for all patients or all pain types; however it may very well be the nerve pain treatment you have been seeking.
  • Essential oils
    Essential Oils are one of nature’s best kept secrets in regards to the healing and relieving properties one may experience from using pure oils. Several variances of essential oil ‘recipes’ can be used or a pre-mixed variety can be purchased. In the oils blend used to specifically address nerve pain treatment, you will find one oil scent focused on stimulating the nerve endings, another improves nerve function, while another helps regenerate the nerves and enhance circulation. Many sufferers of this condition have had excellent results from using essential oils for both treatment and relief.

These are just a couple of many options available for nerve pain treatment. It is important to seek out your options and consult your doctor to discuss your best treatment care.




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