Nerve Damage Treatment Options

Having nerves cells that are not functioning properly would affect multiple areas of your life. Your nerve cells help you feel and sense when things are hot, cold, uneven, shaky or in pain. When a person experiences nerve damage their ability to sense or feel hinders them from being able to go about their daily business and routine without serious lifestyle change and added precautions.

Nerve damage can create many painful symptoms such as:

• Tingling
• Numbness
• Burning
• Needle Like Pinching
• Loss of coordination
• Decrease in motor skills

Home Ridden
One or more of these painful symptoms can prove to be a challenge is one had to live with them on a daily basis. Living with chronic pain or permanent loss of feeling can make a mundane task such as walking a difficult one and one that keep a neuropathy patient bound to their home or chair.

Far of falling or causing an injury while in public can prevent a patient suffering with nerve damage from ever wanting to leave their home. When this crippling disease takes over a person’s ability to come and go on their own depression can rob the person of their positive spirit and desire to seek nerve damage treatment. Feelings of hopelessness will try to push through and try to ruin any progress a patient might be making.

Four Treatment Options Worth Looking At
Family members and loved ones need to help the patient push down any negative attitude and help the patient find hope in the research and nerve damage treatment options that are available. Speak with a doctor about one of the following treatment options and ask his or her thoughts about which nerve damage treatment option might help relieve the pain and get you’re on the road to living life again.

o Antidepressants
o Anti Seizure Medication
o Over The Counter
o Pain Blockers


o Physical Therapy
o Occupational Therapy
o Massage Therapy


o Vitamin B
o Benfotiamine
o Alpha lipoic acid

There are several options available that have proven to help ease nerve damage pain and provide the patient with treatment that is livable and will not cause a person to suffer with any form of an addiction.

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