Natural Solutions For Treating Nerve Pain

Pain is a terrible thing to live with on a daily basis. Pain has the ability to cause men and women to make choices that they would not normally make when they are living pain free and have clarity of mind. Living with a chronically painful condition such as neuropathy clarity of mind might escape the neuropathy sufferer from time to time due to the intense level of nerve pain being felt.

Nerve pain is felt when damage to nerve cells have occurred. Damage to nerve cells could happen at any age and for several differing reasons. Some causes for neuropathy are still being discovered but the more common causes for neuropathy would be as a result of physical injury, alcohol poisoning, and chemotherapy treatment as well as a result of diabetic complications to name a few.

Once nerve damage has occurred painful sensations will begin such as tingling in the hands and feet, numbness and the feeling of thousand little needles pricking your hands and feet while attempting normal tasks like cooking, cleaning or even walking. Nerve pain can become increasingly more difficult to live with if neuropathy treatment is not sought. There are several different types of neuropathy treatment that will be discussed briefly in this article that are considered natural solutions for relieving nerve pain.


A common form of neuropathy treatment is the use of therapy. There are several different types of therapy options such as:

Physical Therapy – helps keep muscles loose, strong and functioning

Occupational Therapy – teaches neuropathy patients how to cope with living life with neuropathy and the complications that it can bring to daily living

Massage Therapy – is a soothing technique that can help alleviate pressure 

Therapy is an excellent natural neuropathy treatment solution to help ease nerve pain without medicating.

Vitamin Supplements

The body can begin to shut down when it is depleted of natural resources therefore, adding Vitamin B supplements to one’s daily regime could help fight off nerve pain. Pain is caused by free radicals throughout the body, antioxidants such as Benfotiamine, Alpha Lipoic acid and Methylcobalamine help fight off those free radicals hence relieving pain.  

numbing cream Ointment

numbing cream patches and numbing cream ointment is a safe and natural way to ease discomfort that nerve pain brings. The use of numbing cream can be done from the comfort of your home, several times a day and coincides with other neuropathy treatment that one might be doing.


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