Multiple Ways One Can Treat Sciatica Effectively

Sciatica pain is caused by nerve damage that makes the large sciatic nerve to become inflamed and swollen, thus causing pain and other symptoms. The pain that is caused when Sciatica occurs can range from mild discomfort to extreme distress. Many Sciatica sufferers explain the constant pain as one that cannot be eased by either medications or changes in body position. The painful symptoms can originate anywhere from the small are of the lower back, to running along the hip, and/or down the leg towards the ankle and into the foot. Additional symptoms of Sciatica can include tingling, burning sensations, difficulty walking, and in extreme cases even the inability to move the foot and/or knee.

Sciatica is a form of neuropathy and like other forms of neuropathy there is no known cure so the patient is left to finding a treatment plan that works well with his or her body. Some of the options for treating Sciatica are more fully explained in detail as follows:


  • Hot-Cold Therapy – the alternation of both heat and cold therapy can help to relive acute pain that is caused by Sciatica. However, it is important to follow the guidelines for applying either the heat or cold therapy and to not exceed those guidelines as doing so could cause more damage than good.
  • Low Impact Exercises – such as walking or swimming can help to provide the necessary movement for reducing the inflammation caused by Sciatica. While it may be painful at first to complete these exercises studies have shown that movement is important for proper treatment, lying around and resting usually only exacerbates the symptoms of Sciatica not helps them.
  • Medications – especially anti-inflammatory medications are excellent treatment options for helping to relieve the symptoms of Sciatica. NSAIDs (non-hormoneal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen, or cox-2 inhibitors as well as oral hormones can be used to accomplish the reducing of the inflammation which is causing the Sciatica.
  • Therapy – physical therapy is a viable option for treating Sciatica. Especially the use of strengthening or stretching exercises which can be incorporated into therapy sessions by a trained physical therapies in order to help aerobic conditioning and treatment of Sciatica. Another therapy option for treating Sciatica is the use of Chiropractic Care which can allow for better spinal column alignment and can often reduce the inflammation around the sciatic nerve. Other options for treating Sciatica with therapy include the use of massage, as well as acupuncture.
  • Nerve Block Injection – is an anesthetic or anti-inflammatory injection that can be targeted towards a specific area. In the case of nerve block injections for Sciatica the purpose is to stop the pain signal that is coming from the inflamed sciatic nerve in order to help decrease symptoms.
  • Surgery – is a treatment option that is usually reserved as a last resort plan which follows the course of more conservative treatments in order to relieve the symptoms and pain of Sciatica.

Try An Herbal Treatment

The Neuropathy Support Formula is a natural alternative to prescription medication. The Neuropathy Support formula has the ability to help relieve nerve pain associated with neuropathy without the neuropathy patient having to be concerned with addictive tendencies or side effects that often occur with prescription medicine. The natural ingredients found in the Neuropathy Support Formula have been clinically tested by numerous placebo-controlled clinical studies to provide the ultimate relief for both neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy sufferers. The Neuropathy Support Formula is packed full of natural ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine and Methylcobalamine. Each of these ingredients are fabulous for helping with nerve pain but so are the following vitamins.

Vitamin B2

One of the eight B vitamins that help the body converts food into energy as well as helps keep the nervous system functioning adequately. B2 is also known as Riboflavin. Riboflavin is an antioxidant that has the important job of fighting off the free radicals that cause the body pain, aging and all sorts of health concerns.

Riboflavin is also needed to help change the vitamin B6 and foliate into form that can be used throughout the body. Without Riboflavin, the body’s red blood cells cannot produce like they should.

Vitamin 6

Vitamin 6 helps promote higher energy levels and red blood cell production as well as helps carry oxygen throughout the body improving nerve health.

Vitamin D

A lack of Vitamin D can result in skeletal abnormities, muscular weakness and well as weak bones. Those suffering with neuropathy ted to lose coordination and muscle strength by adding vitamin D to their dietary needs muscle strength and coordination could improve.



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