More Time For Fun, Family and Friends

Time is something that most people do not have. With the crazy business that comes into play with work, children and domestic responsibilities, finding time to spend just having fun hanging out with family and friends is nearly impossible. To complicate things further being diagnosed with a painful and limiting condition such as neuropathy can cause a series of setbacks; one could only imagine and hope to never have to endure firsthand.

Neuropathy is without a doubt a very frustrating and limiting condition. The condition itself has no set answers or cure making it even more overwhelming. There are those times in life when things enter into the picture that leaves a person standing back and gasping hoping for answers and possible solutions only to be devastated more so when no answers come their way. Neuropathy is one of those chronic conditions that effects millions of men and women and very little is known about this painful and limiting condition; therefore, making neuropathy one more distraction from the things that are most important.

What We Do Know

When looking for answers, it is important to start with what we do know about a situation and see if anything comes to light to help further the information or find a possible solution. What we do know about neuropathy is that it is a condition that affects the nerve cell endings once the peripheral nervous system has been damaged. Neuropathy in the hands and feet are the most common felt places and the limitations neuropathy places on an individual can be extreme if not treated.

Neuropathy or damaged nerve cells cause neuropathic pains such as: tingling, burning, numbness, aching, muscle loss, loss of coordination and needle like pricking sensations in the hands and feet. Neuropathic pains are what hinder a person from enjoying life, family and friends. Neuropathic pain treatment is the effective way to get the enjoyment back into life. Neuropathic pain treatment prevents loss of mobility and helps relieve the pain and symptoms associated with this painful condition. Neuropathic pain treatments include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  • Therapy
  • Topical Creams
  • Herbal Supplements – Neuropathy Support Formula
  • Prescription Medications

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