Monitoring Glucose Levels Is Only Step One

Diabetic Neuropathy is a condition that develops as a result of high levels of blood sugar. Diabetic neuropathy is often a complication connected with diabetes. Diabetes if not properly controlled can cause nerve damage resulting in the diagnosis known as diabetic neuropathy. When there is a lack of blood flow and increased levels of blood sugar nerve damage can be caused. Studies have shown that out of the individual diagnosed with diabetes more than half of them will develop some form of neuropathy.


Neuropathy is a complex condition that can have an effect on the body’s nervous system.    Neuropathy can be considered a collection of disorders that develop when damaged to the peripheral nervous system occurs. The peripheral nervous system refers to the part of the nervous system outside of the brain and spinal cord; when damage occurs to the nerve cells or nerve axons, it is called peripheral neuropathy.


Diabetic Neuropathy


Diabetic nerve damage affects the body most commonly in the hands and feet. Diabetic neuropathy could have a negative effect on the cranial nerves, spinal nerves and the nerves that help keep the body’s vital organs healthy and working. No known cure for neuropathy has been discovered, making the diagnosis a difficult one to cope with. For decades neuropathic sufferers were forced to live with chronic nerve pain with very few diabetic neuropathy treatment options to choose from. Thankfully through the years modern medicine has advanced allowing for more options to be available to those who have been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy.


Treating Diabetic Neuropathy


Diabetic patients need to pay close attention to their personal weight making sure that they sustain a healthy weight and are partaking in some form of personal exercise daily in order to prevent irreversible complications. Exercise may seem a bit unorthodox to a neuropathic patient the reason being that the individual sufferers from intense nerve pain in the extremities making simple things such as walking and exercising difficult if not impossible. Two of the most effective forms of treatment to help lessen diabetic neuropathy symptoms would include low impact exercises and various forms of therapy. Before taking an active role in either of these treatment approaches the diabetic must first regain control over his or her blood sugar levels or the whole treatment process will be for nothing.

Exercises And Why They Are Important

Neuropathy often forces individuals off their feet due to the pain felt when on their feet walking about. What happens is that when neuropathic patients refrain from using their limbs they become stiff from lack of movement and a loss of mobility could occur – worsening the problem.

There are several low impact exercises that can help keep limbs loose and the blood circulating throughout. Walking and swimming are two wonderful options that when consistently done can help lessen the amount of nerve pain one experiences when walking and performing normal daily activities.

A Second Go To Treatment

Low impact exercises are one form of diabetic neuropathy treatment, but there is one other treatment option that is a go to when low impact exercises are not enough. Various forms of therapy are a safe alternative to the use of prescription medications. Choosing to go with a therapeutic approach to treatment reduces one’s risk of life complications that can be connected with the use of medications. Prescription medications come in various forms and have been known to help ease the pain and discomfort of diabetic neuropathy, however side effects connected with this treatment approach would include depression, anxiety and even addictive tendencies. Avoiding such complications can be done through therapy and that is part of the appeal.

Though walking and putting pressure on the feet may cause pain, it helps provide circulation, range of motion and muscle strength. If someone suffering with neuropathy chooses to reduce the amount of movement his or her joints receive, they run the risk of developing stiff muscles, loss of movement and further nerve damage from the lack of blood flow. In order to prevent a loss of mobility, neuropathy treatments such as physical therapy, massage therapy and occupational therapy can be had to help lessen nerve pain as well as improve mobility.


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