Methylcobalamine A Treatment For Nerve Pain

Nerve pain (known in medical terms as Neuropathy) is a painful condition that has symptoms which plague an individual’s daily lives. The symptoms that are caused by nerve damage are feelings of pain, tingling, burning, itching, and lack of sensation in regards to touch, heat or cold. Most commonly neuropathy affects the peripheral extremities of the body such as the arms, hands, and more commonly the legs and feet (especially in regards to peripheral nerve damage). Of course there are many conventional medical treatment and prescription medications that are commonly used for the treatment of nerve pain, however many of these conventional medications cause negative side effects that the patient must then deal with on top of trying to find relief for their nerve pain symptoms. However there are other options for the treatment of nerve pain, one of the most successful forms of nerve treatment comes with the use of supplements which do not have negative side effects and which have been proven by research to provide adequate relief to individuals who might be experiencing nerve pain. One specific supplement that is used frequently for the treatment of nerve pain is Methylcobalamine.

Methylcobalamine is a water soluble vitamin, more commonly known as a new form of the vitamin B-12. This supplement is affordable, effective, easily attainable, well tolerated, and virtually free of side effects. Methylcobalamine is known for playing a vital role in the functioning of the nervous system, which is of extraordinary interest to those searching for a foot neuropathy (nerve damage) treatment. Another benefit of Methylcobalamine is that it seems to provide symptom relief that lasts much longer than any of the other forms of traditional medication or therapies.

Helping with Foot Neuropathy

Methylcobalamine has beneficial effects on the common symptoms that are so often associated with foot neuropathy. This is especially important to those who are diagnosed with Diabetes, as they can expect to see noted improvement with the sensations they feel in regards to touch, temperature, pain, burning, tingling, and weakness in the peripheral nerves.


Methylcobalamine has shown beneficial effects with somatic symptoms, such as pain, that are associated neuropathy (nerve damage). It has also been shown to improve autonomic symptoms; in fact research has shown that symptomatic relief may be greater with the use of Methylcobalamine than with electrophysiological therapies.

Nerve Regeneration

There have been very few studies that have been able to show the regeneration of nerves among humans, however, in the case of Methylcobalamine, research has shown that it could increase protein synthesis and actually help to regenerate the compromised nerve cells.

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