Medicinal Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy is a painful condition that limits one’s ability to be mobile as well as live a pain free existence.   What is neuropathy? Neuropathy is a condition of the nerves where damage has occurred and painful symptoms / sensations are now had as a result. How does neuropathy happen? Neuropathy can be caused by several factors such as genetics, diabetes, alcohol abuse, chemotherapy, physical trauma or from carpal tunnel. Other causes for neuropathy are still being revealed.

Neuropathy symptoms are what make living with neuropathy so challenging. Symptoms include nerve pain such as: numbness, tingling, burning, dull ache deep in the joints, loss of muscle coordination and strength. Symptoms such as the ones listed can limit one’s mobility due to the sensitivity felt in the hands and feet. The number one leading complaint amongst neuropathy patients would be the excruciating pain felt when walking. The agonizing pain felt in the feet often leads neuropathic patients to seek out a neuropathy treatment.

Neuropathy treatment is the only sensible way to cope with nerve pain. Why? At this present time in history, there is no cure for neuropathy therefore if nerve pain relief is desired the only way to guarantee any relief would be through treatment. There are several neuropathy treatment methods one being the use of medicine. Medication is not the ideal solution for every nerve pain sufferer however it is worth mentioning due to its accessibility. Whenever contemplating prescription medication as a treatment for any ailment not just neuropathy, it is vital that caution is has and the use is only under the supervision of a doctor.

Medications Used To Treat Neuropathy

Medical professionals often prescribe the following medication to treat their neuropathic patient’s nerve pain and symptoms.

  • Anti-seizure Medication
  • Anti-depressants
  • Blood Pressure Medication

It has been reported that the use of these medication have proven to help alleviate nerve pain and neuropathy symptoms. The issue is not whether or not these narcotics work but how safe are they to use on a consistent basis. Prescription medications can do wonders for some patients whereas for other patients further health concerns could develop and cause bodily harm. If you suffer with chronic neuropathy symptoms and are in need of nerve pain relief, speak with your attending physician about a possible treatment plan.   


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