Making The Choice

Unfamiliar sensations that begin to occur in the lower extremities are reason for concern especially for those individuals that have a history of diabetes. The unfamiliar sensations being felt in the hands and feet may be a warnings sign that somewhere in the body something has gone amiss and needs medical attention. Those that have been diagnosed with diabetes need to pay extra attention to any unfamiliar sensations such as tingling in the hands and feet, burning or any numbness in the hands and feet.

The sensations being felt might increase over time to a more intense feeling that brings on bouts of pain. Sensations such as tingling, burning, numbness and muscle weakness are all symptoms of neuropathic pain that develops when nerve damage has occurred. Nerve damage could occur at any time and in some cases without warning. Once nerve damage has occurred, it is irreversible and the only way nerve pain relief can be found is through neuropathic pain treatment.

Once a diagnosis has been made, it is important that a neuropathic pain treatment be sought quickly in order to prevent further nerve cell damage from developing. If treatment is not sought, not only will the nerve pain intensify over time but the patient runs the risk of losing complete mobility. Mobility can be lost as a result of the neuropathic patient choosing to become inactive due to the pain experienced when they are active. It is true that activity can create neuropathy pain if done in abundance and without careful planning, however, no activity leads to poor blood circulation as well as the range of motion in limbs to become restricted.

Treatment Plans

Making the choice to find a neuropathic pain treatment plan could be the difference between living independently and losing the freedom to walk forever. Neuropathic pain treatment should not be considered a burden but should be viewed as the avenue in which freedom is maintained. Treatment plans could consist of dietary supplements such as Vitamin B, Alpha Lipoic Acid and or Benfotiamine. Other neuropathic pain treatments could involve some form of therapy like physical therapy, massage therapy or occupational therapy the treatment plan should be based on the individuals needs and what neuropathic pain treatment has been discussed between them and their physician.

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