Make It Possible : Steps To Living With Neuropathy In Feet

At times, it is unimaginable to think about living with certain ailments or complications until one is forced to. Nobody wants to think about living with and in chronic pain all the time, the thought is a miserable one; however a person, who is facing a chronic diagnosis such as neuropathy in feet, is forced to consider what life may be like coping with a painful condition such as neuropathy in feet.

Neuropathy in feet causes intense levels of pain to shoot through the heel and up through the calf whenever pressure is placed on the foot. Why? Neuropathy is a complex condition of the nerves that is caused by several different factors; however neuropathy simply said is damage to the nerve cells. When nerve cell damage occurs, there are a series of things that begin to unfold that causes the neuropathic patient pain and frustration. The first thing that occurs is the odd sensations such as tingling, burning, aching, needle like pinching symptoms which agitate the damaged area. Slowly the mild sensations progress into downright painful and slowly the process of loss of feeling takes over and the neuropathy patient is struggling to maintain life as normal in his or her condition.

Living With Neuropathy In Feet – Through Treatment

Neuropathy in feet is a challenging condition to have due to the sensitivity that is had when walking about. Life cannot be spent sitting in a chair waiting all the time; life involves movement, therefore something has to be done in order for life to be lived and things to get done. Neuropathy in feet treatment can be implemented into one’s daily life easily if the correct steps are taken. Treatment does not have to be overly complex or difficult; there are several steps one can take at home to help speed up the relief process. It is important that medical attention is sought to help prevent the condition from worsening; the following list is designed to help speed up the relief process.

  • Low impact Exercises – walking short distances helps keep blood flowing
  • Foot hygiene – crucial for reducing risk of infection
  • Massage- help keep blood circulating and lessen pain
  • Foot Wear – proper foot wear helps promote foot safety and lessens risk of injury
  • Topical Creams – can be applied to help relieve pain
  • Foot Exercises – ask for a list from your doctor or therapist so you can do at home to help keep feet from stiffening



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