Maintaining Diabetes Effectively

Whenever a conversation is brought up that leads toward the need for healthy life changes, the fear of seeming judgmental, condescending or disapproving may prevent important truths from being stated. Political correctness often influences a conversation and the path the conversation beers down. Discussing someone health with them can be a sensitive matter so approaching the conversation correctly is important. Though it may not seem politically correct to speak with someone openly about their poor life choices regarding their health, it is a loving thing to do.

Those who have been diagnosed with diabetes are unfortunately going to suffer with diabetes and be on watch for any complications that may come from their diabetes. A healthy lifestyle is nonnegotiable for diabetics, without eating a healthy well-balanced diet serious ramification could be had such as diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes, but is in no way one that is wanted. Diabetic neuropathy is acquired by years of high blood sugar levels creating damage to the nerve cells.

Damaged nerve cells cause an individual to experience a series of painful sensations, symptoms and nerve pain. Nerve pains for diabetics tend to begin in the feet and slowly work up to the hands and other joints. Painful sensations such as tingling in the hands and feet, numbness, burning and needle like pinching are the most commonly complained about symptoms from diabetic neuropathy sufferers. Diabetic neuropathy treatment is the only method by which one can control their neuropathic pain and get it under control. There is no known cure for neuropathy, and due to the debilitating symptoms and nerve pain treatment is the only possible avenue.


The first goal of diabetic neuropathy treatment is to get high blood sugar levels under control and within a healthy zone. Once the target blood sugar level is reached, neuropathic symptoms will decrease. Once the levels have been managed, massage therapy can be implemented to help promote blood circulation and prevent further nerve cells damage from occurring. Methods, such as acupuncture, vitamin supplements and electrical nerve stimulation, have all proven to be beneficial on helping maintain nerve pain symptoms and pain.

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