Low Impact Exercises For Patients With Neuropathy In Feet

We rely on our feet to keep us upright when walking, to get us from point A to point B. Proper functioning feet are crucial to a person’s ability to participate in normal daily activities. When an injury occurs in the foot, the injury limits the level of normality that one can have until the injury is healed. Take for example an injured ankle, limited about of pressure can be placed on the ankle until it has time to heal or else the owner of the injured ankle experiences pain and discomfort. 

Neuropathy in feet is similar in that pressure in any form creates intense pain and discomfort. The difference is that over time an injured ankle will eventually heal and the individual will return to normal daily activities. Those that have had the misfortune of being diagnosed with neuropathy in feet live in chronic pain and are forced to suffer through daily activities and responsibilities with the knowledge that no cure for neuropathy has been discovered at this point in time. Though no neuropathy cure has been discovered, there are a few simple steps that neuropathy in feet patients can make in order to achieve a lessening in the amount of nerve pain felt.

It might sound crazy to those that suffer from nerve pain because of their neuropathy in feet but daily exercise can help improve the amount of nerve pain felt. Maintaining a healthy blood circulation in the lower extremities provides blood to travel to the affected area taking with it powerful antioxidants that can have a positive effect on reliving the painful neuropathy in feet symptoms felt. There are several low impact exercises that if done on a daily basis could help improve nerve pain while helping the individual function at a normal active level with minimal pain.

Range Of Motion

Range of motion is vital in keeping limbs from stiffening. The exercises should be done close to the joint and provide a circular motion.

Toe Tapping

This exercise can be done while sitting in a chair heels on the floor. Keeping heels on the floor gently raise toes up as high as possible, than lower the toes back to the floor and gently tap several times with the toes. This exercise can be done with several variants such as the heels can be touching and forming a V bring toes up rotate them in and then back to the floor.

Leg Pointers

Sit in chair, knees together. Lift one foot off the floor while straightening the knees at the same time. Once the foot and leg have been extended, attempt to point the toes forward then back at your body. Repeat several times before moving on to the other foot.


If you are an individual that loves more active exercises, then walking or swimming might be the perfect fit. Both swimming and walking are considered to be two low impact exercises that can help maintain mobility and limit the amount of pain felt with neuropathy in feet.

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