Lookout Or The Pain Of Neuropathy In Feet Will Get Ya Again

Treatment For Peripheral NeuropathyDo you think you got a handle on your neuropathy symptoms? Maybe you do have a handle on your neuropathy pain and symptoms now but if the wrong treatment is in the process of being used than you might find yourself facing severe neuropathy in feet pain again. In the rush to find relief some neuropathic patients make a mistake when choosing their treatment. Choosing neuropathy treatment to help ease neuropathy in feet pain and symptoms must be done after research on various treatments have been conducted.



Neuropathy in feet is when nerve damage to the feet has occurred thus creating intense and painful symptoms to reside in the foot area. Symptoms of neuropathy in feet would include:




  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Numbness
  • Needle Like pricking
  • Muscle Spasms

Selecting an effective treatment for these types of symptoms takes time and research or the pain will just keep coming back. The following are a few treatments that can be useful in the safe relieving of neuropathy in feet.


Vitamin B is often found in treatments that claim to help relieve nerve pain symptoms. Benfotiamine differs from thiamine in that Benfotiamine is easily digested whereas thiamine is not. What happens with other formulas with vitamin B is that once taken to relieve neuropathy pain it dispels through the body passing right out without having time to absorb and work its magic. Benfotiamine has the power to weave through cell membranes and penetrate the nerve cells themselves.

Benfotiamine has the ability to deliver vitamin B to the areas of your body where nerve cell damage has occurred more effectively than thiamine ever could, thus providing the body with an overall increase in nerve health. Benfotiamine is less toxic than thiamine and in the clinical studies administered no adverse side effects revealed themselves making Benfotiamine a safe neuropathy pain treatment option.


Topical creams such as numbing cream and Capsaicin have been known to help relieve neuropathic symptoms on a temporary basis. numbing cream patches and a Capsaicin topical cream both have a soothing effect on damaged nerves. Both numbing cream and Capsaicin are safe to use frequently throughout a day on neuropathic areas such as the hands and feet. numbing cream patches and capsaicin ointment is a great neuropathy tool for mild nerve pain.


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