Living With Diabetes And Coping With Complications

Diabetes affects millions of men and women each year, the disease of diabetes in and of itself is a miserable and complicated disease to have but to combine diabetes with a whole plethora of other complications than the disease becomes unmanageable. Most everyone has heard of diabetes and how diabetes is attained so we are not going to focus on diabetes alone in this article but rather focus on what happens when a diabetic begins to experience complications as a result of his or her diabetes.

Diabetes is the result of the body rejecting insulin or the body not producing enough insulin to turn the sugar in the body into energy. When high levels of sugar stay within the body, the body begins to react in a negative manner making the diabetics personal health to become at risk. Diabetics are instructed to maintain his or her blood sugar levels in order to avoid health complications such as the one we will be discussing here shortly; however when a diabetic is unable to control his or her blood sugar levels, a condition known as diabetic neuropathy could develop making the original diagnosis even more complicated.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition of the nerves wherewith damage to the nerve cells has been cased as a result of high levels of blood sugar. The eating away of the nerve cells ability to sense and feel is what could happen with high levels of blood sugar and if they remain unmanaged. Diabetic neuropathy treatment is the only way to prevent the worsening of the nerve damage and lessen painful outbreaks. Painful sensations begin to take place in the foot area first causing pain when walking and sensations like tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pricking to cause hindrance to everyday simple tasks.

Diabetic neuropathy treatment must first consist of the maintaining of blood sugar levels, once blood sugar levels are managed than the next step in treatment can begin. Other diabetic neuropathy treatments would include the use of prescription medications, acupuncture, therapy, and electrical nerve stimulation and or the taking of an herbal supplement like the Neuropathy Support Formula.

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