Living a Healthy Life with Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a nerve disorder that’s primarily caused by the disease itself: diabetes. This nerve disease causes damage to the nerves throughout the body.

Over half of the people who have been diagnosed with diabetes have a form of neuropathy. However, the risk of neuropathy is increased for patients who have had diabetes for more than 25 years.

How to lessen the chance of getting diabetic neuropathy

A patient who has a hard time keeping their blood glucose level in the normal range is the more likely to suffer from diabetic neuropathy. That combined with the fact that many of these same people have elevated levels of blood fat, blood pressure and are overweight gives diabetics a whole range of goals.

Keeping blood glucose levels in a targeted range will be helpful for more than just lessening the chance of diabetic neuropathy. Patients who are able to do this can have a much fuller life. They will experience little to no symptoms of their diabetes.

Patients who stick better to their diabetic diet will also see their blood glucose come into a more normal range as well as lower body fat levels. With lower body fat levels, usually, blood pressure is able to come back down to a normal range and the patient can more easily lose weight. A loss of weight is good for patients who are overweight.

Overall, the healthier a diabetic patient is the more likely they are able to prevent his or her chances of getting diabetic neuropathy.

Once diabetic patients have neuropathy, there is no cure. It can continue to be helped with the ideas above, but diabetic neuropathy is a serious condition. A doctor should be consulted throughout the care of a diabetic, but a doctor should be even more closely involved with the care of diabetic neuropathy.

While diabetic neuropathy is largely brought into control by controlling a diabetic’s sugar level there may be supplements to help. Methylcobalamine is a form of vitamin B12 and can help with diabetic neuropathy. Methylcobalamine can help with many neurological diseases because it is said to help with cognitive repair.

Not all patients require prescription medications, but vitamins such as methylcobalamine can help repair some of the damage that has already been caused by the disease.




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