Learning Our ABC’s

When we are young we gain our education by asking questions, attending school and learning our ABC’s. Learning the alphabet is part of growing up, they teach us to read and without them those suffering with neuropathy pain would be unable to remember three simple steps to getting help for their intense nerve pain. Helpful catch phrases do wonders in helping people remember important information and for neuropathy sufferers remembering their ABC‘s can be the difference of life with mobility or life without mobility.

Receiving a diagnosis such as neuropathy can be devastating. Once the diagnosis has been given it can be difficult to digest any information that might be handed down from the doctor due to the difficulty of hearing the news. Often times patients leave the doctor’s office overwhelmed and without having asked questions regarding what steps they should take now that their painful symptoms have been diagnosed. When times like these occur it is nice to have a game plan therefore we have a simple way to help assist neuropathy patient’s move forward from their diagnosis and start on the road to treatment.  

Ask Questions

The first letter in the alphabet is and “A” and asking questions about treatment options and how to prevent the painful neuropathy symptoms from worsening is the first step in moving forward to reliving nerve pain. There is no such thing as a stupid question, knowledge is power and power comes by asking which treatment options have shown the most nerve pain relief success.


“B” is for Benfotiamine. Benfotiamine is a form of the vitamin B1 and has the unique ability to move throughout the nerve membranes without being dispelled easily. Benfotiamine has the ability to bring nutrients to damaged nerve cells and help regenerate the damaged nerve cells and bring new life and less pain as the this soluble form of vitamin B works its power on the affected area.    

Choose To Stay Positive!

Due to the intense and painful symptoms that come with neuropathy it is vital that the neuropathy suffer stay positive while testing out different neuropathy treatment plans. Each body is designed to function and heal differently, not every neuropathy treatment works the same on every person. Speak with your doctor about the positive affect that Benfotiamine can have on lessening your nerve pain symptoms.

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