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If you are a neuropathy in feet sufferer, then you are probably at your wits end with failed neuropathy treatments. Neuropathy in feet is a miserable condition to develop and for most the development means time will be wasted seeking out an effective treatment rather than living life. Jumping from one neuropathy in feet treatment to another is no way to live and nobody should be forced to live in such intense pain all the time. Neuropathy in feet is most often attained as a result of complications with diabetes.

Diabetes may be the leading cause of neuropathy in feet but it is not the only one there are several other reasons why one may develop this painful condition such as physical trauma, carpal tunnel and/or chemotherapy. The way neuropathy was attained does not really matter in the larger scheme of things because the end result is the same – pain and discomfort. With so much pain and discomfort being endured for a long period of time, a neuropathy in feet patient reaches the point to where all he or she want to do is scream. An attitude of not caring often causes neuropathic patients to seek out any treatment regardless of the long term effect.

Long Term Effect

The long term effect of neuropathy in feet if left untreated would be continual pains such as the tingling, burning, numbness and needle like pricking in the foot area but also the possibility of losing mobility. The complete loss of mobility is always an option for neuropathy in feet patients. Without a neuropathy in feet treatment, the nerve damage in the foot area can worsen causing the patient to be unable to focus on anything other than the pain he or she is feeling.

When neuropathy reaches this point, the patient has several choices to make but the first one must be to see out a treatment. Treatment does not have to be frustrating, complex and overwhelming it can be simplified by the use of the Neuropathy Support Formula. The Neuropathy Support Formula is a natural formula that focuses on natural ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Benfotiamine and Methylcobalamine as the soother and calmer of nerve pain.

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