Journaling About Foot Neuropathy Treatment

top_right2Some people learn better from hearing things or procedures taught to them while other learn best by doing and interacting with the procedure or task as to be hands on with the instructor. Yet there are still others that learn the most efficient when they are writing down what they hear or do so that the process or lesson is dissolved into their conscious mind and them they can bring it up and apply it to everyday life. For those who are diagnosed with neuropathy, journaling or writing down their day can help stick in their mind about certain events and even certain triggers that cause harm to the neuropathy sufferer. They also can learn more about how certain neuropathy treatments affect the patient and whether they push the neuropathy away or cause no effect at all. So start journaling today so you can be better prepared for what lies ahead with your chronic condition of neuropathy.

What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy symptoms can range from mild tingling to intense burning, itching and numbness. Neuropathy is a condition that affects the peripheral nerves which in return affects a person’s ability to feel or sense temperature changes, level plain changes, injuries and objects. Neuropathy symptoms can develop as a result of complications with diabetes as well as be a result of physical injury that has resulted in damaged nerve cells, alcohol abuse, and exposure to dangerous toxins; research on neuropathy is an ongoing process as more and more people are being diagnosed that do not fall into the above categories on what other factors could play a role in one developing neuropathy symptoms.

Treating Your Feet Well

Foot neuropathy does not have a cure as of yet, however progress has been made in regards to the success neuropathy suffers have experienced when foot neuropathy treatment is sought. Foot neuropathy treatment can help relieve the pain and pressure felt and assist the foot neuropathy patient at returning to some of the hobbies and activities he or she once enjoyed. Listed below are a few foot neuropathy treatment options that one should consider in hopes of returning to a normal and active lifestyle.

  • Massage Therapy – Research has proven that the use of massage therapy as a form of foot neuropathy treatment can help neuropathy sufferers experience deeper levels of sleep and lessen levels of pain and fatigue. The way that massage therapy accomplishes this is by using the different forms of massage to help oxygenate the body as a whole which can decrease the severity of symptoms that a neuropathy sufferer will experience. Massage therapy can help neuropathy sufferers find relief from their symptoms.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Benfotiamine
  • Acupuncture – Acupuncture aims to treat the particular symptoms that are unique to each neuropathy sufferer. Individual treatment is vital for achieving relief as each person deals with and experiences differing neuropathy symptoms. Studies have proven that in fact acupuncture can be beneficial to providing relief in neuropathy sufferers especially in regards to pain and relaxation which aids in lessening fatigue. Many individuals who have used neuropathy as a course of treatment for neuropathy symptoms reported having an overall decrease in pain after only one session, and most reported an ability to fall asleep naturally and sleep deeper and longer on the nights that followed an acupuncture session.
  • Vitamin B Supplements
  • Occupational Therapy

Benfotiamine Encourages Health

Due to the large number of patients suffering with neuropathy symptoms, researchers and physicians are constantly striving to find new ways of treating neuropathy pain. Those that have been diagnosed with neuropathy in recent years might have heard how doctors are treating their patients with a natural substance called Benfotiamine. Benfotiamine is a form of B1 that is more soluble and has proven to help in relieving nerve pain. The increase of Thiamine Pyrophosphate can have a positive effect on the damaged nerve cells aiding in the relief of neuropathic pain. Benfotiamine is a safe way to help treat nerve pain. Once Americans were made aware of the positive effect that Benfotiamine could have on nerve pain doctors have encouraged their neuropathy patients to use it, decades later Benfotiamine is still being used to treat neuropathy with no known adverse effect.


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