Is There A Cure For Neuropathy Of The Feet?

Neuropathy of the feet can be extremely painful especially since your feet are one of the major supporters of your body. Before searching a cure for neuropathy of the feet it is important to know a few other crucial things first such as what are the causes of neuropathy of the feet?  Some of the causes of foot neuropathy can include:

●Diseases such as diabetes

●Toxic substances


There are currently no treatments for the type of foot neuropathy that is inherited, there are, however, many treatment or therapy options for other forms of foot neuropathy. Before seeking therapy options for foot neuropathy, it is important to first seek your physician for an exam to determine if there are any other issues that might be going on other than the foot neuropathy. If so, those issues should be treated first.

Seeking treatment quickly should prevent further damage of injuries, and in most cases, a patient’s symptoms can often times be controlled, therefore it is especially important to recognize the potential causes of those specific types of neuropathy and therefore help prevent new damage.

When a patient possesses healthy lifestyle habits it can then encourage the basis needed for a good start in treating foot neuropathy.


Some Examples Of Healthy Lifestyle Habits That A Patient With Foot Neuropathy Can Adopt Include:

●Keeping a healthy weight for your body type

●Consuming a healthy balanced diet

●Taking proper necessary vitamins

●Avoiding alcohol or limiting consumption of it

●Avoiding harmful toxins

●Plenty of exercise


Although the pain that foot neuropathy ensues is difficult to manage, some over the counter analgesics can sometimes provide relief and alleviate symptoms. Some symptoms that one should be aware of when having foot neuropathy are:


●Decreased or lack of sensation

●Sharp pain


●Weakness in the muscles


●Loss of balance

●Loss of coordination

Patients may experience all or some of these symptoms, however, foot neuropathy usually starts with numbness and tingling that can occur in the feet or hands. Symptoms can range in their appearance, some showing up over a period of months and sometimes over the course of years. The condition itself can develop and then worsen in days or even weeks.

While there may not be a cure for foot neuropathy, a patient should consult their physician and he or she can prescribe some pain killers and also recommend other types of treatment that can help alleviate their pain associated with feet neuropathy.

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