How Will Chemotherapy Affect My Life?

Being diagnosed with a serious disease or condition will most definitely have an effect on a person’s life. No one desires to live their life suffering with a painful disease or a crippling condition buy sadly millions of men and women are given dreadful life changing news everyday. Living through a series of exhausting and time consuming test and procedures can be rather taxing on someone’s emotions. When it comes time to be diagnosed after weeks and months of being poked and prodded, time may feel like it is standing still.

Hearing from a doctor that you have a disease such as cancer is much worse than the hours spent taking test to see if you have cancer. Cancer is a scary diagnosis and with the diagnosis comes several events that can and will impact the life of the patient. Once a diagnosis has been made, the next step would be to start treatment or chemotherapy to kill off the cancerous cells.

Chemotherapy is a process in which several strong drugs are used in a tight and powerful regiment to kill and destroy in cancer cells floating around in a person body. Chemotherapy is an aggressive tool used to prevent cancer from spreading through the body. The body’s response to chemotherapy can be discouraging for some, but the important thing to keep in mind is that the aggressive drug is fighting to save their life and the side effects are worth it.

Side Effects

There are several side effects that can come with chemotherapy such as:

  • Anemia
  • Hair Loss
  • Neuropathy
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes
  • Bleeding problems

Though the side effects of chemotherapy sound dreadful and if it were not for the chemotherapy, the patient’s chances of living a long and healthy life would be limited and not nearly as possible.

Side effects that come with enduring chemotherapy may have their side effects but some of the side effects are treatable lessening the aftermath of such an ordeal as chemotherapy. Neuropathy is one side effect that can be treated with various methods or treatments that can reduce the pain and discomfort it brings. If concerns about side effects of chemotherapy are had, speak with a doctor about each one and what can be done to make the process more bearable.

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