How To Treat Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathy is a painful condition that no individual should have to deal with. Unfortunately there are more than twenty million people (in the United States alone) that live with this condition. The symptoms of nerve pain (tingling, burning, itching, loss of sensation, or numbness) can limit or debilitate the simple independence of movement in a person’s daily life. Depending on the type of neuropathy (because there are many different causes) neuropathic pain treatment can vary. There is currently no cure for neuropathy, but neuropathic pain treatment options can help to lessen symptoms and aid in individuals leading more comfortably. Neuropathic pain treatment can be achieved by a number of options, but in general any individual will be able to find greater relief if the adoption of an overall healthy lifestyle is taken into consideration. Nutrition, cessation of smoking, as well as alcohol avoidance can increase the likelihood for finding relief through a neuropathic pain treatment.

Neuropathic Pain Treatment Options

There are many different neuropathic pain treatment options available for those who are suffering from the pain and symptoms that are associated with neuropathy. One such option that usually will not work for neuropathic pain treatment is over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Aleve or Motrin. While prescription medications are used many of them can cause negative side effects so if possible these should be avoided and a more beneficial alternative for neuropathic pain treatment should be considered. However below is an overview of some of the different options available for neuropathic pain treatment, including prescription medication that will aid in the relief from the symptoms individuals experience.

  • Prescription Neuropathy Treatments
    • Antiseizure Medications (Such as Gabapentin or Carbamazepine) an example would be other medications. These can help with the burning sensations that are commonly associated with the nerve pain.
    • Antidepressant Medications (TCA’s or Tricyclic Antidepressants) an example would be certain medications.
    • Topical Ointments (both over the counter and prescription).  Examples of topical a neuropathic pain treatment for nerve pain are the use of numbing cream patches, as well as capsaicin creams or ointments.
    • Local Anesthetics (such as the intravenous application of numbing cream, tocainide or mexiletine).


  • Alternative Neuropathy Treatments
    • Therapies (which include physical, massage, or occupational)
    • Acupuncture
    • Nerve Block Injections (i.e. an epidural hormone injection)
    • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (also called electrotherapy).
    • Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)
    • Supplemental Neuropathic Pain Treatments (i.e. Vitamin B, Alpha Lipoic Acid, or Methylcobalamine are just a few which are known to provide relief).




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