How to Pick the Right Vitamin B12 Supplement for Nerve Pain

  • July 25, 2017
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How to Pick the Right Vitamin B12 Supplement for Nerve Pain

You’ve probably heard how important vitamin B12 is for nerve health. It repairs and strengthens damaged nerves – and helps keep the protective coating around your nerves strong and healthy.


But do you know which form of B12 to take?


If you look at the label of any supplement with B12, you’ll notice there are different kinds (all with long, hard to pronounce names)! Not all B12 supplements are created equal – and chances are you’re not taking the most effective, bio-available form of it. Here’s what to watch for when buying your B12 supplement:



Watch out for the cheaper, less effective B12 supplements!


You’re most likely to see B12 as Cyanocobalamin – a cheaper, synthetic form of the vitamin used in MOST supplements.


While this form of B12 may be less expensive – it is also LESS EFFECTIVE.


What the label doesn’t tell you is that It contains a tiny amount of cyanide. While the amount of cyanide is so small that it is harmless, it requires more effort from your body to convert it to B12.


This wouldn’t be so bad if vitamin B12 didn’t have such poor absorption rates – but because the vitamin already has a difficult time making it into your system, this extra obstacle makes it all the more difficult for your nerves to get the B12 they need.



The form of B12 that is 12x more effective!


If you want the MOST EFFECTIVE form of B12 – you’ll want to select a supplement with B12 as methylcobalamin.


It is absorbed and used more efficiently than cyanocobalamin – so your nerves get more of it!


Not only that, but a study in the Journal of Neurological Science postulated that methylcobalamin could increase protein synthesis and help regenerate nerves!


vitamin b12


Scientists state that ultra-high doses of methylcobalamin have been shown in clinical studies to produce nerve regeneration.


In other words, taking this important vitamin in the right dosage may result in the growth of new nerve cells in your body!


So, there you have it…


…if you’re taking a B12 supplement, make sure it uses B12 as methylcobalamin if you want the most effective results.


For more on this topic, check out our post Why Methyl-B12 Is More Effective Than The More Common Forms of Vitamin B-12


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