How Neuropathy Can Effect Life

Whenever there is a change in pace or an interruption to one’s normal daily flow some readjusting is needed until a new normal is implemented or a new pace is had. When it comes to being diagnosed with a chronic condition such as neuropathy the same expectations should be had. Because of the severity of the diagnosis there will most defiantly be some readjusting in order to allot for all the new changes that will be needed in order for there to be success at living with neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that will have an effect on an individual’s life and if not treated could have a severely negative effect. The pain and symptoms that are common place with neuropathy limit one’s mobility and ability to function in normal life situations. For instance, numbness is a symptom of neuropathy and can limit the patient’s ability to sense or feel terrain changes – risking further injury. Neuropathy symptoms have an implication on one’s social, vocational and functional life possibly causing the neuropathy patient to suffer with feelings of anxiety and depression.

With neuropathy in feet walking becomes unbearable and all fun and extracurricular hobbies and interest diminish because the pain of being upright is just too much to bear. Thankfully there are several steps and changes a neuropathic patient can make to help lessen the pain.

Make The Change!

Make the following changes and live a better more productive life!

If neuropathic patients make the commitment to adhere to the following suggested lifestyle changes, they would see great improvement not only in their neuropathic pain but their overall health as well.

  • Implement a diet where vegetables and fruits are the main
  • Eat foods full all antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop drinking
  • Morning stretching to help keep muscles from stiffening and causing more pain and possibly immobility
  • Attempt low impact exercises daily such as swimming and walking
  • Focus on learning different sitting and sleeping techniques to help alleviate pressure on the joints, hands and feet
  • Administer daily foot checks to determine if foot injury has occurred
  • Wear appropriate foot wear such as loose fitting socks and correctly fitting shoes.
  • Avoid tight fitting hosiery, shoes and socks that will hinder circulation


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