How Methylcobalamine Can Help With Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy is a serious condition where nerve damage has taken place because of glucose (sugar) levels that stayed high for too long.  When Diabetic neuropathy takes place it is usually classified as peripheral neuropathy where the arms, hands, legs, and especially feet will be affected by the nerve damage.  Peripheral Neuropathy includes symptoms such as burning, itching, tingling, as well as the lack of sensations such as heat, cold, or touch.  For any individual dealing with these symptoms finding relief is most certainly on their minds. The good news is that Methylcobalamine can provide relief for diabetic neuropathy as well as many other diseases and conditions.

What is Methylcobalamine and How does it Work?

Methylcobalamine is a type of water soluble vitamin, more commonly known in its original form as Vitamin B-12.  It can be found naturally in foods such as eggs, dairy products, fish and meat, but of course it is much more beneficial and concentrated when taken in supplemental form (either orally or intravenously). Methylcobalamine is a supplement that is inexpensive, effective, easily attainable, well tolerated, and virtually free of side effects.  It has beneficial effects to sleep, regenerations of nerves, as well as in immune function. Studies have also shown that Methylcobalamine plays a key role in the functioning of the nervous system, and more importantly that the use of Methylcobalamine for relief from somatic symptoms such as pain seems to last much longer than traditional medications or therapies.

Treatment for Neuropathy

When Methylcobalamine is used for treatment in neuropathy patients studies have shown that it can help relieve the painful symptoms such as burning, itching, tingling, as well as help with re-instating the feelings in regards to the lack of sensations such as heat, cold, or touch. Because neuropathy is in fact nerve damage, Methylcobalamine is an amazing alternative treatment because it is one of the very few treatments that studies have actually proven to show regeneration of nerves. In fact, recent studies have shown that Methylcobalamine can increase the protein synthesis within the cells and actually help to regenerate compromised nerve cells.  Other studies have shown that using Methylcobalamine as a treatment for the symptom relief for diabetic neuropathy individuals can often last much longer than other forms of medications and therapies that have been used for symptom relief.


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