How Is Chemotherapy Used?

When people are diagnosed with cancer, scoliosis or rheumatoid arthritis they begin to have tunnel vision and struggle to see past the facts that life will need some changing to make room for the aggressive treatment that will be needed. Undergoing any form of therapy or treatment is not a pleasant time in a person’s life especially when the treatment plan is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a very aggressive approach in treating certain disease and illness with the use of chemicals and other drugs. By treating diseases with chemotherapy, the dangerous cells in the body can be killed providing the patient with the best possibility of getting well.

Patients fear the word chemotherapy due to the terrible side effects that are associated with the whole process of chemo. Though it is true that chemotherapy is known to have uncomfortable side effects there have been changes in regards to chemotherapy and the painful and uncomfortable side effects that it’s famously known for.

Though some side effects are to be expected with the chemotherapy treatment, the effect of the treatment can be minimal for some and to other patients severe it depends on the patients and how the patient’s body adjust to the treatments being given. The thing to keep in mind when undergoing chemotherapy is that though side effects may or may not occur advancements have been made in the medical field allowing there to be new ways to treat and manage chemotherapy side effects.


For example, one known side effect of chemotherapy is the development of a condition called neuropathy. Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerve cells and due to the strong chemotherapy treatment can cause nerve damage. Neuropathy has several painful symptoms such as:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Needle like pinching

Each of the symptoms brings an uncomfortable feeling to the patient making simple daily activities painful. Thankfully neuropathy is treatable. There are several neuropathy methods and techniques that can be used to help alleviate neuropathy pain. Speak with a doctor about which neuropathy treatment he feels is best suited to your neuropathy symptoms. 

Chemotherapy might have been a scary and frightening word several years ago but now that modern medicine has made such marvelous advancements chemotherapy no longer needs to be feared.

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