How Does Benfotiamine Help With Nerve Damage?

Diabetic individuals would outwardly have enough to deal with in regards to everything that is involved with checking glucose levels and keeping insulin in their systems habitually, but unfortunately they can often be hit with another condition on top of it called peripheral neuropathy. Ironically this peripheral neuropathy (also nerve damage) is caused when their levels of glucose aren’t properly maintained and get too high for too long of a period of time.

What is it?

It was first developed in Japan, and then later used quite frequently in Europe for the treatment of neuropathy. Benfotiamine is a lipid soluble form of Vitamin B-1. It can be found naturally in very small amounts in roasted and crushed garlic as well as other vegetables such as onions, shallots, and leeks.  However for an amount to be effective as a treatment the best option is to take Benfotiamine as a supplement which is most often given orally.

Today there have been many clinical trials and studies that show not only is it highly advantageous but it has an outstanding record for safety.  Benfotiamine has no identified negative interactions with other medicines, and the use of some medicines can actually cause a deficiency in Thiamine which can be corrected by the use of Benfotiamine.  Most Diabetic individuals can expect to see positive results within two to three weeks and will notice it mostly by seeing improvement to the painful symptoms they experience from the nerve pain.

How does it help with Nerve Damage?

The problem with nerve damage is that when left untreated it can lead to problems much worse in a Diabetic such as the loss of balance or even worse the possible loss of a limb.  Once the indications such as burning, itching, tingling, needle-like sensations, or even lack of sensations like heat, cold, or touch begin immediate action is needed to prevent further damage.  The good news about Benfotiamine is that Benfotiamine has been proven to diminish the painful symptoms related with nerve damage and can help begin to heal the body. No person should have to live with nerve pain and they don’t have to with the use of Benfotiamine.

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