Hope Found In Alcoholic Neuropathy Treatment

Alcoholism is one of the leading causes for neuropathy. Neuropathy is a painful disease that has the ability to cause severe amounts of pain forcing a person to live out the remainder of his or her life with nerve damage. There are several ways that one can develop this disease that affects the nerve cells. The two most common causes of neuropathy would be diabetes and large amounts of alcohol, also known as alcoholic neuropathy.


Alcoholic neuropathy leaves permanent nerve damage creating painful symptoms such as:

  • Constipation
  • Impotence
  • Numbness
  • Burning
  • Bladder Dysfunctions
  • Needle Like Pinching

The symptoms associated with alcoholic neuropathy are painful, resulting in one contemplating giving up his or her freedom; rather than find a treatment option that create relief and still allow the patient to maintain their independent living arrangement. 

Loss of Hope

Severe and chronic pain can tend to leave a person suffering with bouts of depression and hopelessness. Patients suffering with alcoholic neuropathy might feel the best way to treat their painful symptoms is by remaining closed off from the world and abandon any form of activity that causes discomfort and pain. This attitude can result in a patient losing muscle strength and flexibility. In order to gain victory over alcoholic neuropathy, one must stay active!

Finding Hope

There is hope with alcoholic neuropathy treatment. Alcoholic neuropathy treatment might not be able to reverse the nerve damage caused by excessive amounts of alcohol but it can help prevent further damage. Refraining from further consumption of alcohol is vital in keeping alcoholic neuropathy from worsening. Other treatment options that can provide hope to the disheartened would be: medication, therapy or specialized treatment focused on a specific symptom.

If one is struggling with dizziness as a result of alcoholic neuropathy, their treatment plan might consist of adding salt to their diet or sleeping with their head elevated. Blood pressure might need to be treated or monitored by use of slow gastrointestinal movements. Alcoholic neuropathy treatment is designed with the patient’s specific symptoms in mind. By having a unique and individualized treatment plan, the patient can succeed.

Though no cure has been discovered for alcoholic neuropathy, there is hope and relief found in various treatment plans and supplements. Research is producing more information on the benefits of Vitamin B and the effect Benfotiamine can have on damaged nerve cells. Take hope in that one day a cure might be found, but until you trust your doctor’s insights on which alcoholic neuropathy treatment plan is best

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