Hope for Neuropathy Patients

If I had to sum up one feeling that I hate most in this world it would most definitely have to be the feeling of being out of control. It seems as though everything is constantly changing. We live in a time when you can drive by a gas station, glance at the current fuel cost, mentally remind yourself to fill up at that gas station before heading home, run a few errands drive back to the same gas station you saw earlier just to discover fuel cost jumped up five cents in an hour.

I understand that not everything can stay the same, without change and progress there would be no doctors or scientist discovering new ways to treat certain diseases and conditions that threaten so many people’s lives. Without change and progress millions of people would be living with neuropathic pain on a daily basis without the hope of ever functioning at a normal level ever again. Neuropathy might be only one of the thousands of painful conditions that people all across the globe suffer from daily, however, neuropathy is a condition that new hope is being brought to through the amazing research being done by professionals dedicated to helping the world live pain free one condition at a time!

The Effect of Change

Ten plus years ago those diagnosed with neuropathy had very little hope of their ever being a neuropathy cure. Though no neuropathy cure has been found that could eliminate the damage done to the nerve cells, thanks to modern technology and modern research a new hope has been given to neuropathy patients that can help keep alive the prayer that one day a neuropathy cure might be discovered. So what is this newfound answer to prayer?

The crazy thing is that the “new technology” or “new research” is not new at all, but quite the opposite. New information about the positive effect that Alpha Lipoic Acid and Benfotiamine can have on damaged nerve cells has provided a huge breakthrough for those looking for a neuropathy cure. It has proven that adding higher dosages of both alpha lipoic acid and Benfotiamine into one’s daily vitamin supplements could help eliminate nerve pain. Some reports have even showed that several neuropathy patients after adding these powerful antioxidants to their diet no longer suffer with nerve pain. I find it amazing how in a matter of a decade new hope can be discovered and that one step closer to finding a neuropathy cure has been made!


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